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This letter is from Mark Erwin who was the organizer of the boxing event and 50/50 draw in support of Karri’s scholarship fund

Pete and Tracy…

I’m quite certain we will see some type of spin off from the event, at least that is our hope and prayer. The show itself was “okay” it wasn’t what I was expecting from an attendance perspective…A little shy from our goal of raising $2000 for TKO.

However, I am pleased that the show did get off the ground and the Oksanen table was full. Boxing isn’t for everyone, but for me…it wasn’t about the boxing at all. The event allowed us to focus on Karri Hour and it’s positive appeal in addition to raising a few dollars towards TKO.

Having Karri’s buddies there to help promote the 50/50 was awesome…In addition, for Ty…He left for his new school in Oklahoma and wasn’t here to say “See ya later” to Karri…Both Ty and Kylee wanted to be there for this night. I am so proud of all of these kids!

I know this is tough, although I could never pretend to know just how tough it is…Please remember this…The two of you have done what many people have failed at….And that was to have raised a young man that absolutely was a “stellar” human being and most certainly touched evryone who knew him and 100% loved by all. At such a young age, Karri became a role model and not just for the younger crowd…I’m positive his influences were heavily weighed with his elders and those who knew him intimately. It’s through our children’s eyes and wisdom where we learn the most…I personally can tell you through my daughter…she has taught me the meaning of tolerance, because of her…I am a much better human being…Tyler’s mild demeanor and kindness has me yearning to have some of his finer qualities. Both of these kids are deeply affected by this string of events and tragedy….However, something has become perfectly clear to us as a family…We have become closer and everyone who knew Karri have come together to become simply….”better people”

I have enclosed a small article that I found from The Record…There was a brief snip it at the bottom of the article. A client called me today and told me he saw the interview on TV, although I didn’t see it…His first question was…”Why didn’t you tell me you were doing a fundraiser”…I would have contributed! Guys….Tells me that I have more work to do and you have my word I am not done!

I am a firm believer that Karri has his hand in all that we are attempting to do…With about 20 minutes left in the night, my wife did a fast sweep of the floor to raise another few hundred for the 50/50 draw…One of her sales was the winning ticket. Lexi pulled the winning ticket and it was The Main Event (Logan Cotton McGuinness) mother who won…Immediately, she declined her half and wanted it to go back to TKO…

Shortly after the draw…The photo attached was taken…Guys…Look at the Karri Hour crest above Pete’s heart….Mind boggling! It’s glowing like it should…

God Bless You and Thank You for Karri…He has single handidly injected more love and positivity into our lives…We are eternally grateful…

Much Love to all the Oksanen and MacLean families…Our hearts and friendship will always be there for you.

The Erwin’s

Mark, Cynthia, Kylee (soon to be a Wheeler) and of course Tyler!–vanderpool-makes-triumphant-return

From Tony Saxon, Sports Writer for the Guelph Mercury

Guelph’s Peter Oksanen lost his son Karri in a tragic and senseless incident last month. Part of the Oksanen family’s healing process has been the founding of “Karri Hour,” where people commit one hour of their week to selflessly doing something to help other people or their community at large. A random act of kindness. Oksanen recently threw out the first pitch at a Toronto Blue Jays game. He told me how Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero took some time to talk to him, about Karri and about Karri hour, and Romero said he was committing himself to Karri Hour and all it entailed. Peter Oksanen was blown away by Romero’s efforts and words. For more info on Karri Hour go to

From Iain Durk

Hi Peter.

I wanted to let you that we have started our season this week. We blew out Centre Wellington 12 – 1 on Monday and we lost a close one to Orangeville (5 – 3) today at Hastings.

We have two games next week at Hastings and I was hoping that you and your wife (and family? if they are available) could attend one of them? I have ordered black armbands with K.O. #16 for the players to wear over their jerseys (they took 2 weeks to make and will finally be ready for Friday) and we would like to present you with Karri’s #16 jersey before one of the games. We will also have our school photographer there to take team photos and we also like to get a few photos of the players presenting the jersey to you and your family. Our games are on Monday and Tuesday nest week. Is there a day that works best for you? Our game Monday is at 3:30 pm and Tuesday is at 4:00 pm. Maybe you could even throw out the 1st pitch of the game…I know it’s not quite the same as the Rogers Centre

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