honoring Karri and spreading some kindness, and a smile…

I decided to drop a very large box of chocolates to a retirement home in Fergus and say Merry Christmas to any residents that might be sitting alone, and give a smile (although not near as big or bright as Karri’s

I cannot tell you how happy I felt after spending some time chatting with seniors I have never met, as well as some very friendly & gracious staff. One very sweet Lady invited me to “come see my room”, it turns out she has spent many years painting and was proud to show them to me. I have included a picture of one of her fall paintings with her proudly standing by. The Director at the home had spread the word to some of the staff that I had dropped off treats in honor of KarriHour.com and they thought it was a great idea and were looking it up. My Grandmother was once a resident over 15 years ago, and her favorite caregiver Bonnie was still there and remembered her so well, it was great to reminisce.

So thank you for the gentle reminder to do something good in memory of Karri, it was a great morning and I am sure they are enjoying the chocolates! God Bless, and Merry Christmas Pete, Tracey, and Lexi !

Lee Paterson xo

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