honoring Karri and spreading some kindness, and a smile…

I decided to drop a very large box of chocolates to a retirement home in Fergus and say Merry Christmas to any residents that might be sitting alone, and give a smile (although not near as big or bright as Karri’s

I cannot tell you how happy I felt after spending some time chatting with seniors I have never met, as well as some very friendly & gracious staff. One very sweet Lady invited me to “come see my room”, it turns out she has spent many years painting and was proud to show them to me. I have included a picture of one of her fall paintings with her proudly standing by. The Director at the home had spread the word to some of the staff that I had dropped off treats in honor of KarriHour.com and they thought it was a great idea and were looking it up. My Grandmother was once a resident over 15 years ago, and her favorite caregiver Bonnie was still there and remembered her so well, it was great to reminisce.

So thank you for the gentle reminder to do something good in memory of Karri, it was a great morning and I am sure they are enjoying the chocolates! God Bless, and Merry Christmas Pete, Tracey, and Lexi !

Lee Paterson xo

From an anonymous source

Although I never really tell people my random acts of kindness. I will because I love the Oksanen family and their beautiful son, reminds me every day how blessed I am to have another day on this earth! Karri was a great soul that made anyone he came in contact with smile! So in honour of Karri and his family I always try and make a difference in some ones life. Whether a smile, a helping hand or a listening ear. I believe we can all help in some small way. I just made up 60 care packages for the homeless and delivered them to the drop in centre in Guelph. It’s gonna be a cold winter so I provided them with nesessities of life, a little something to help. I do this every year. I will also make chili for the drop in centre for a hundred people. This little contribution is my way of saying thank you for the many blessing I have in my life.

Stuff the Bus!

I am currently working in Panama City, FL and a local radio station is doing a fundraiser to collect money and toys to give to underprivileged children in the local community. It is a program that is benefiting Toys For Tots.

A couple employees from the radio station are living on top of a school bus for 2 weeks until the fundraiser is over (Dec 16th) or when their goal of 10,000 toys is met.

I have been listening to this station for about a week now and today I drove by as I was running some errands for work. I decided to run into the Walmart across the street and purchase 3 toys for the fundraiser. When I dropped them off, the DJ’s noticed that my truck said the company I work for was out of Midland, TX and were pleased that a non-local was donating to children of Bay County (little did they know that I’m Canadian). As I was leaving, they told me that God loves me – which was very reassuring.

Anyways, I hope I helped make some kids smile this Christmas.

Brad Benham

Biking in the clouds

Some years ago karri,Tracy and I went out on a mountain bike ride to the “tubs”, a popular swimming hole in southern Vermont. As we arrived Tracy’s front tire got caught up in a drain pipe across the road, she fell and cut her leg badly. We somehow made our way back to town and in the emergency room where the doctor got Tracy all patched up. Two nights ago I had a very vivid real like dream we had taken that same ride, only this time no fall for Tracy. As we rode over the last hill, our bikes rose off the road and we rode up to the clouds laughing……. My dream suddenley faded and I woke up. I will always remember Karri as a kind,caring wonderful kid so full of life. I wear my “karrihour” necklace daily in honor of a wonderful human being… Peace.

Donny W.

Drop in From Brittany

Today I participated in “Karri Hour.” I went to the drop in centre downtown, to drop off some of the lettuce that we didn’t end up using for the BBQ on the weekend. They were so grateful! When I arrived, I said hello to a patron, and asked how he was doing. His response to me was “Can’t complain! The sun is shining, and it’s a beautiful day!” Wow, to be making use of a drop in centre, and yet say “can’t complain”! His positivity really touched me.

I just wanted you to know that Karri’s memory is alive today, and although I didn’t know him, from what I’ve gathered he was an incredibly positive and giving person. That part of Karri shone through in the interaction I had with that man today.

I don’t know why I felt that I needed to tell you that, I just did.

I hope you enjoy your day, and know that Karri is impacting the lives of people he never even knew (myself, and the man I met today.) I know you already are, but you can be so proud of your son. He’s making the world a beautiful place!

Take care,

Christmas Cheer (turkey format)

This is a picture of Pete’s brother who relies on a monthly disability cheque yet was able to find the resources to donate a Christmas turkey to the food bank.


Pete & Danny

Hospital-DannyWell my turn to share a nice one. I had a little health issue over the weekend in Pittsburgh and I was lucky enough to be in an observation
room with my roommate “Danny”. Danny has had a VERY VERY difficult life and was in the hospital because he had had 3 heart attacks and several other very serious health issues. Danny had a very unfortunate and sad early life and had no family members left whatsoever. He turns 50 next week and I turn 52.

Danny was recently released from prison after 26 years and so here we are sharing the same hospital room and having several hours to talk to each other about our lives and each others lives. Danny is a survivor. He has survived, stabbings, beatings, tasering, shock bats, gun shots, etc. over 7 years of solitary confinement termed “in the hole”. yet he has a great disposition and is able to be very positive although a bit trepidatious about what the world will be for him outside of the 4 prison walls. I told Danny about myself and I told Danny about Karri’s story and he said to me that everything that he had been through was not as horrible as what I and my family went through and I was surprised that he would make that statement. As the talking went on, I could tell that he literally had no clothes or any personal effects. Only the hospital gown that he really didn’t want to wear. I gave him all of my toiletries and a few shirts and a nice fleece pull over and wished him every bit of success as he tried to make his way into his new life. I gave him a book that I had just read called “The map to heaven”. [Read more…]

From Mahalia Hillier

Hello, I am a good friend of Jeff Kistner’s. I live in Goose Bay and work with Air Labrador.

Today, I cut and donated 13 inches of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program which will go toward a wig for a woman who underwent chemo treatment. I fundraised for The Children’s Wish Foundation and have raised $2,580!!! This is my third hair donation and second time fundraising for a cause, 3 years ago I fundraised a little over $1200. This time was by far the biggest event I have done with the most sponsors, cash amount and prizes/food donations support! As you will notice I am wearing the Karri Hour necklace and wear it quite often.

I don’t know you and have never met you but have heard much about Karri and your family through Jeff and just wanted to share this with you. I believe in the Karri Hour movement and am set to do good wherever I can in this life!

Thank you,

Mahalia Hillier

From Melissa L.

Early this year I commited my Karri Hour’s to getting involved with the Big Brother Big Sister program. I have always wanted to participate in this initiative as I was incredibly fortunate to have so many opportunities and positive role models while growing up. Recognizing that sometimes kids just need a little extra moral support and someone in their corner, I am so happy to be a Big Sister. I’ve been paired with my Little Sister for 6 months now – we hang out every week, exploring the city together, hiking, watching movies, playing sports, making dinner together, and the list goes on. It means a lot to me to encourage, support, and provide opportunities for someone who really needs it – not to mention, my Little Sister is totally AWESOME!

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Karri. Participating in Karri Hour genuinely makes me feel closer to him and as though I am positively contributing to the world in his memory.

An Anonymous Message

Tonight, (March 24), there was a snow storm. I’m a waitress, at a restaurant within walking distance of my apartment, so this was no big deal. I finished my shift and saw that the chefs were about to throw out a chafing dish of untouched rice that was made “just in case”. I almost screamed/ fainted/ cried because rice is filling, and I am a student, and this would be free food.. so naturally I took a take-out container of rice home feeling pretty darn lucky. When I got home my boyfriend and I decided to get some wine and watch a movie, and eat some rice. On the walk to get wine we saw a homeless man sitting in the snow, in – 10 weather. We promptly returned up to our apartment, re-heated the rice, grabbed a few drinks, some sweet and sour sauce, and a banana (I wish it could’ve been more but this was what we had). We gave it to the homeless man sitting in the snow and he shook our hands, and thanked us, and we both feel amazing.

Thankful I always have the reminder of Karri Hour to guide me in the right direction.