From Emma Porter

Since being back at school, I’ve had many “Karri Moments” where I’ve held doors open, stopped to give someone directions even though I was in a rush, greeted everyone with a big smile despite whatever kind of day I was having, or taken on extra shifts to help someone out. Even though these are all things I used to do most of the time anyways, I’m
now conscious to do them all of the time. But like many who have posted stories, I felt these small acts of kindness weren’t far out of my comfort zone, and I wanted to do something more. Finally, this past week an opportunity presented itself, and with Karri Hour ever present in my mind, I jumped on it. This year over Reading Week, I will be spending my Karri Hours in El Salvador, helping to build a home for a family in need. The build is through Habitat for Humanity, and I am beyond excited to do some good in a place that could really benefit from it.

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