A Day In The Park

Today was the Labour Day Picnic at Riverside Park. I arrived at 9:10am, and began to help set up. I helped peel the corn and helped carry things from the car to the site. Later on I began to help set up the “kid site”. All day I helped children of all ages paint pictures, making sure they were having a great time! The best part was getting to see how happy these children were, we actually had to tell a little girl that we were closing because she didn’t want to leave, even after painting five pictures. (it was her dads idea) Two young girls even decided to give their pictures to me, which made me happy! By the time we cleaned and packed up, it was 4:10 pm. It feels good to help people out!

Sarah Flack


  1. Cheryl rickers says

    Love you Sarah!!!! Thanks for the story! xo

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