All Goes Swimmingly

980_450_63rd_st_poolI had made a promise to myself to try to add a Karri Hour about once a month, and since my last post, unsuccessfully looking for another Karri Hour in the streets of Manhattan, one suddenly presented itself to me last week when I was swimming at the gym.

As I’ve said before, the busy life of NYC-ers leaves little room for others. Less so even at the gym, when people come mid day on their break to try to get in a work out. Although I enjoy going to the gym at that time when there are less people, everyone is still in a hurry to get some exercise done quickly before they get back to their seats at the office.

Last week, while I was swimming, a guy started to share my lane, no acknowledgement, just hops right in and starts swimming a little aggressively in the lane I was using. I thought he was sort of a jerk, but I let it roll off my back, knowing I couldn’t change him and knowing that he probably was in a rush to get back to work. A little bit later a woman comes in and looks around the pool. It’s clear she’s lost something and starts crying… I was about to go up to her and ask what it was she was looking for and to see if I could help, but before I could get a word in, the guy who I thought was rude gets there before I do and immediately starts looking for the necklace she’s lost. He and I scoured the pool together, while the other 5 people swimming in the pool barely turned their heads. We both spent the majority of our time at the gym looking for her necklace, and I was so amazed at how concerned this guy was, the guy who I thought was a jerk. Not only is it nice to be pleasantly surprised by people, but you could tell that even though we didn’t find her necklace, she was comforted a little by the fact that two people really cared, and really wanted to help and make her feel better. Although she left empty handed, I could tell that we made her day a little easier.

Rebecca Hirschfeld

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