An Anonymous Message

Tonight, (March 24), there was a snow storm. I’m a waitress, at a restaurant within walking distance of my apartment, so this was no big deal. I finished my shift and saw that the chefs were about to throw out a chafing dish of untouched rice that was made “just in case”. I almost screamed/ fainted/ cried because rice is filling, and I am a student, and this would be free food.. so naturally I took a take-out container of rice home feeling pretty darn lucky. When I got home my boyfriend and I decided to get some wine and watch a movie, and eat some rice. On the walk to get wine we saw a homeless man sitting in the snow, in – 10 weather. We promptly returned up to our apartment, re-heated the rice, grabbed a few drinks, some sweet and sour sauce, and a banana (I wish it could’ve been more but this was what we had). We gave it to the homeless man sitting in the snow and he shook our hands, and thanked us, and we both feel amazing.

Thankful I always have the reminder of Karri Hour to guide me in the right direction.

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