Angels 4 Karri

(Editor’s note: This was the 4th Karri Hour story received yesterday)
I can’t say this is a story of my efforts within the community; however I’m hoping after you read this, at least one of you can say it touched your heart. As a young girl, I was inspired by my amazing aunt to believe in angels. She told me that angels watch over us and are there to protect the ones we love. She would tell me that it was important to send the angels to those who needed them most, and at the time I never really understood the concept. What stuck with me over the years was what she said was “the sign” of angels. She told me that whenever you see three 4’s in a row, it is a sign that an angel is with you. These “444’s” may be seen on the clock, in a phone number, or on a receipt- truly anywhere. On August 12th 2012, I noticed that when I stopped my car in the driveway after work, the last three numbers on my odometer read “444”. I smiled, remembering the golden rule of the triple 4, and I knew who was with me – Karri. The next 444 I saw was 2 days later when I looked at the time and saw 4:44 on the clock. Again, I knew who was with me – Karri. I can truthfully say that during the last 4 weeks, I have seen my triple 4 almost every single day. Today, in fact, I was lucky enough to see 444 on 3 different accounts – one on a license plate, one in the grocery store, and one on the clock.

Not everybody will believe what I believe, but I know I’m getting a big bright smile from Karri every time I see that sign of my angels. He is not only one of my angels, but you should all know he is one of your angels too. So the next time one of you comes across the triple 4, remember to smile back at Karri and know that he is with you. While the rest of the angels up above picked our brilliant guy to join their
team, we can all be assured that as with any team, he still has our backs, and in this game of life, Karri will always be our angel in the outfield.

Claire Shaw


  1. Peter Oksanen says

    Ok. I read this and started looking for 444s and then today for the first
    Pitch at the Blue Jays game, a t shirt was made for me that says Karri in the back. Cheryl , my sis in law wanted to see it so I took a picture of it and sent it and it was picture 444 of 444!!! And then Tracy went to email Claire about my 444 story and she had 444 email messages!!!!! Unreal. He is definitely our Angel in the Outfield .

  2. Cheryl Rickers says

    I have been OBSESSED with triple fours since I read this! I wake up every night – sometimes at 3:44am, 4:45am, 4:40 (and then I am back asleep by 4:44) and I am convinced Karri is totally messing with me.

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