Completely Anonymous

imageJust saw your post on karri hour about ramping up the good, as i peeled off my wet clothes. I started with my aunts driveway, shoveled it clean, and started to do the sidewalk and just then noticed an old man a few doors down shovelling. I went up and asked if he wanted a hand, but he was finishing up. I introduced myself and told him id do it next time it snows. In the 2 minutes of talking he mentioned how his wife had been to Whistler more then him, and that she passed away last year. I could tell he wasnt going to pass up the offer. I shook his hand, and that was me signing a contract: More good. I kept shovelling though, and cleared the sidewalk on both sides of the road on my block. Great work out for me, and as I write this looking out my front window 3 people have walked by. I know that as small a thing as it is to have a clean sidewalk in front of them, its appreciated and i feel better knowing that anyone that walks by will be touched by my deed. Had to rant cause I did it for karri hour. Soon enough it will all become muscle memory. I wont have to think about it, I just do it. More good, all the time.


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