Exact change not required

I’m a student at the University of Western Ontario in London, but originally from Guelph. I came home for a visit on the weekend, and as I headed back to London I realized I had forgotten my bus pass in Guelph. I was so frustrated with myself; bus passes are expensive, I had already payed for it, and now I would have to pay for the bus every day (about 4 busses a day at $2.75 each) until my parents could mail my bus pass to me. Naturally, when it came in the mail I was very relieved. I was on the bus the next day, pleased about not having to pay the extra fare, when an older woman came on the bus. She was distressed because she had forgotten her pass and only had a $10 bill, the bus driver was informing her that she would have to get off at the next stop and she looked so defeated, I jumped at he chance to contribute to Karri Hour; I payed this womans bus fare in exact change; suddenly it didn’t seem like a waste of money when it was for someone who truly appreciated it. She was thankful, I felt good, but it felt so small.

Karri was this lively guy, who had such a huge impact, and I was just itching to make a bigger statement, to do something SO good for Karri hour.

The next day I had a friend tell me she had done essentially the same thing; paid someones bus fare when they were unable to do so, and that’s when it hit me; all these little things are not little at all, they all add up, and they all make a difference.

No good deed is too small, and no good deed goes to waste. A small change is still a change, and I find that extremely comforting. One good deed at a time, we are changing the world, the same way Karri changed each of us.

Ashlean Richardson

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