Exponential Karri Hours

I have recently left Guelph again to move to Toronto for school. I shared Karri’s story with my roommate from Boston and explained the concept of Karri Hour to her. Since then we have both been trying to take little opportunities to help others in any small way that we can.

So far we have have offered our subway and bus seats multiple times to people who needed them more than us whether it be from old age, or just because they had more to carry. Once, while walking to the beach by our place, there was a family on a bike ride going down a very steep hill. The young boy in the family was having a lot of difficulty riding in the busy area and got off his bike leaving it with his mother while he ran ahead. We noticed her struggling having to walk her own bike, let alone her sons, so we offered a hand and carried the boys bike for her until he was comfortable with riding it again. Finally, while getting off the subway, we noticed a mother and son that were very confused and unsure of how to get to their destination, as they were from out of town. We walked them to where they needed to go and talked to them, getting to know them better. Coincidentally, they ended up being from Guelph, so we bonded a little over that and sent them on their way!

We will continue to jump at these small opportunities in honour of Karri and are very excited for the necklaces to be available so we can wear them and explain Karri Hour to anyone willing to listen 🙂

Marissa Beattie

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