Fly the Friendly Skies

images-4Well, this is a story that I wanted to pass on. I was on a flight the other day and I was sitting next to an elderly couple who were traveling to Philadelphia from Wichita along with their sister and brother in law. They were going to attend the funeral of the wife’s’ oldest sister. I passed on my condolences and we made small talk on the plane. I felt for this sister as she had said that the eldest sister that had passed was like the second mother to the family. The husband, had cut/rasped his arm on the seat and as he was taking a blood thinner, like Cumadin(don’t know the spelling) , it made his skin very thin and so every small bump was a potential big deal. So the Southwest (my fav.) Airline attendants were above and beyond with helping this older fellow out and there was also a doctor involved as the situation became more serious. After 45 minutes, the wound was controlled but the flight attendants and the doctor were the true do-gooders in this situation and my hat is off to them.

I didn’t get a chance to give them a wrist band but I did indeed get to share Karri-Hour with a fine gentleman that I met on my way back from Philadelphia. He has invented a technology that is going to help monitor the severity and G-force of collision hits to the head for all sports and that is definitely a very very worth technology that may save long term head injuries and even premature deaths from repeated body contact collisions that occur in contact sports. So my hat is off to you too Dale! I hope your company becomes extremely successful along this road to helping athletes out. Planes and Trains are a great vehicle (no pun on words intended) to share the message of Karri-Hour with absolute strangers.

Pete Oksanen

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