For the doggies

imageKarri hour? These girls are living a Karry life! Meet Marianna Badillo Rivera and Neryda Rivera.

While there is an official humane society in Baja Mexico, these girls have taken it upon themselves to create an un-official one. They rescue dogs from the streets of Los Cabos and even will “steal” a dog that they see being abused (not uncommon in Mexico) and bring them to a “squat” in the dessert where they have set up a rough shelter. They get donations for food, vet care, and for upgrades to the facility. They spend all of their free time committing Karri Hours to keep these dogs safe and fed.

I have had the pleasure of volunteering with them for a while and recently shot this video in the hopes of raising some additional funds. You can also visit their Facebook page

Alex Hugessen

El Ranchito from Melomec on Vimeo.

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