From Allison Van Fleet

My Karri hour story is one that will always remind me of Karri. This is for all the animals lovers out there. I know Karri specifically from home, but I am currently in school at Brock in St. Catharines. For the past couple of days now there has been this stray cat hanging around our porch. I couldnt help to let him in, name him and feed him. I could tell that he was injured and all he wanted was a little bit of love. I let him out every night and he comes back every day. This cat reminds me of the night me and Karri walked home together from downtown Guelph, and a cat came out of no where and started following us home. Karri literally started running away from it and yelled at me not to pet it. I never laughed so hard seeing Karri this big, handsome young man running away from an innocent cat. Every time i see this cat I can’t help but smile because I see Karri, and I know that this cat has a peice of Karri in him. Although  I had to eventutally take the cat to the humane society after a few days since one of my roommates is extremely allergic and I wanted him to have a loving home to go to, I was happy that cat picked my doorstep to show up on to allow me to share this with you. I also donated food to the humane society in honour of Karri Hour. I tell everyone of Karri’s huge impact he had on my life as well as so many others, and this movement as well. I cannot wait to recieve my Karri hour necklace in the mail and wear it everyday, and when people ask me what it stands for i will be proud to explain the amazing movement Karri Hour is.

There isn’t one day that goes by that I dont think about you Karri, and can not to meet with you again some day to finish our talk we were having recently! xo

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