From Carol Collins

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you Karri. Your wonderful family has made sure that you will never be forgotten. When I hold the door for someone behind me – Karri Hour. I sent an email to an old friend today – Karri Hour. Just finished watering the neighbours flowers – Karri Hour. I was really angry at a co-worker and said I would never talk to him again. Last week I talked to him and gave him some advice on a project – Karri Hour. One hour at a time, we will make this world a better place 🙂



  1. Peter Oksanen says

    We love you Collins family. Thank you for the kind words
    And thank you for your constant support. Glad that you are being mindful
    Of goodness and honoring Karri in this process
    Love Peter and Tracy and Lexi

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