From Donny Wassick

So I to have been waiting to write about the BIG good deed done, only to realize there have been several small ones,like the man who could not care for his large dogs anymore ,so my daughter Ali and I brought the dogs to the animal shelter and donated a genorous amount of money to care for them… then there was the single mother of two who’s car had broken down and was in tears, so we let her borrow a vehicle for as long as she needed… then there was an elderly man who had come in to the shop in a panic, as his car had broken down with his wife with alzheimers inside , so we quickley tended to his wife and got his car started. After many attempts of him trying to pay me ,I told him it was for “karri” …. he smiled, I smiled back and thought of karri, his wonderful parents and grand parents,aunts,uncles and cousins, all such good people of this world! So the lesson here is that good deeds come in small packages too!

PEACE Donny W.

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