From Kari McLeod

Traditionally, both my niece’s boys, Josh and Kayden, spend their summer with our family, just as their mommy did when she was little. We live in the country with a big yard, two dogs, two cats, a pond full of fish, a nice cool pool and a neighbourhood filled with children their ages. This is a much better place than a daycare for the hot summer months, and a lot cheaper for their hard working parents. And though their mom misses them terribly, it comforts her to know that they are having the same opportunities she had, and has often said that she wouldn’t rob them of the sweet memories she still carries with her. Country living is quite different than their usual city suburban life, and they enjoy every day. However, even with all the kids their age, they still prefer to hang out with their big cousin Mike, especially since Michael is very busy with his studies and work and doesn’t get to spend as much time with them as they’d all like.

Today, I spent the afternoon with my twenty-two year old son, Michael, baking a cake for Kayden’s 8th birthday. Kayden was so excited to see the cake come to form and fascinated to see Michael working alongside his Auntie. Mike and I took off to the store earlier the previous day to get all the supplies we would need. We had an idea of what we were going to create, but needed to find all the right stuff. I was pretty happy to be out shopping with my adult son… who came willingly!!! This simple task seemed to be growing into quite the project. It took many hours… more than I had anticipated… but through the mess of the flour and the sticky icing that seemed to find its way into every corner of my kitchen, I suddenly realized how precious these ‘hours’ were, and hope that some day, it will mean as much to these kids as it means to me.

The cake was a big hit with Kayden, (and all the neighbourhood kids) especially when he realized the track made the figure eight… and very surprised that it was planned that way.

I can’t help but wonder now, who was the recipient of this “Karri hour”? Yes, I did something kind for another person… yes, I took time out of my day to make another person’s day better… but… now that I think about it… it is my heart that is overfilled with the day… the love and laughter… the company… a witness to the pure happiness of a child… the bonding with my son.

But I guess that’s what “Karri’s hour” is about, right? Kindness… amazing what comes of that!


  1. Peter Oksanen says

    Kari, as an old friend that I started public school at Hugh Beaton with in 1967, thank
    You for that story. Its exactly what Karri Hour is supposed to accomplish-helping people do good things for one another, Love Peter- give Todd a big hug for me too.

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