From Karri’s Dad

I went down the street to help the old gal who has a huge yard but no help but she wasnt awake yet. So I made my way to the nearby retirement residence and went up to the front door like I was going to go in the main sitting area but I noticed a sweet old woman as I was opening the door and she smiled at me and so I let go of the door and went over to the veranda and sat down next to this first person that I saw that was by herself. Her name was Jutta and she was a beautiful 91 years young Canadian citizen who had immigrated from Hanover Germany in 1960. Jutta wakes up early and starts her exercise at 7:00am Jutta walks 1 mile a day and keeps good posture and wonders why all the men in her building slouch over (I immediately sat up straight). I asked Jutta if she was going to church or something since she was all spruced up but she said that she always gets fully dressed up for everyday!

Jutta has one son, a 55 year old man that is way too busy with work to visit her and so I think that I sat in the right place. Jutta’s son has lost two children. She has a granddaughter who has moved away a long time ago as well. Jutta likes dogs as she had dog treats in her pocket for the shitzu that came by during our visit. I will remember to bring our Cockapoo, Cali, to visit her the next time. Jutta was very big into gymnastics, high beam, parallell bars, uneven bars, etc. when she was a young girl in the 1930s before the war. The war in Germany changed everything and she said that her life changed overnight when the bombs started. Jutta gets out with the retirement bus once a week to just to have a change of pace. She doesnt read the newspaper because she knows no one in Guelph and has been at this home since 2011 when her husband died. She has an amazing spirit for someone that has lived as long as she has. We were joined by Mary on the porch and Mary is a 90 something woman who still has her husband but because of his Parkinsons Disease, the two of them had to be separated to live in separate homes. That is sad. You could tell the yearning in speaking with her that she was only able to visit 3 x per week. Her children live within a half an hour of her but unfortunately they are too busy to see her , maybe once a month. After an hour or so, I decided to leave so that I could let the two girls catch up on their conversations.



  1. Hunter sachs says

    Beautifal uncle pete 🙂

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