From Kyle Wetherall

Hey Kar,

I know it’s been a while since I decided i would pledge myself to donating an hour a week of my free time by trying to make the world a better place, in your honour. But as the days went by, I couldn’t help but struggle with an idea that I felt was good enough to deserve to be named my “Karri-Hour”. Then, my younger sister was telling me how she was on students council at John F Ross, and that she had been put in charge of setting up the weekly fundraising donations, called Save the Future. There is also a large fundraiser right before Christmas (F.R.O.S.T.Y.), where thousands of dollars are raised each year for various charities. She was struggling with an idea for a proper charity to donate too, and ways to maximize donations. That’s when we both decided there would be nothing better than to have some of the donations given to the scholarship fund in your honour. Why not give back to our old high school, by spreading the word of Karri Hour to all of the present students and faculty at Ross. Receive donations for the scholarship fund as the charity, but more importantly, let them take the message home and share it with their families and friends, because this is how your legacy will live on, through all of us. So that’s when we decided to spend our Karri-Hour together, talking over ideas for F.R.O.S.T.Y. and Save the Future. She seemed very enthused, and it’s my hope that this is proof that the students at Ross will hop on board very quickly, because this is a wonderful concept your family created to honour your memory.

Miss you everyday



  1. Susan McKellar says

    One of the reasons that I have not posted any ‘Karri Hour’s’ is that I too struggle with which ones are ‘worthy’. As I sift through the three hew stories just posted, and they are all so different in so many ways, it became clear that ANY act of kindness is ‘worthy’. I have been trying to find a great way to pass the word on,, and I wanted to say Kyle, that what you have come up with is fantastic!!! The staff and students at Ross will for sure, take yous sis’s lead and jump on board. Good job!
    Sue McKellar

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