From Melissa L.

Early this year I commited my Karri Hour’s to getting involved with the Big Brother Big Sister program. I have always wanted to participate in this initiative as I was incredibly fortunate to have so many opportunities and positive role models while growing up. Recognizing that sometimes kids just need a little extra moral support and someone in their corner, I am so happy to be a Big Sister. I’ve been paired with my Little Sister for 6 months now – we hang out every week, exploring the city together, hiking, watching movies, playing sports, making dinner together, and the list goes on. It means a lot to me to encourage, support, and provide opportunities for someone who really needs it – not to mention, my Little Sister is totally AWESOME!

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Karri. Participating in Karri Hour genuinely makes me feel closer to him and as though I am positively contributing to the world in his memory.

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