From Sue McKellar

Karri-cardsThis one is for Lexi and she will know why!

A few nights ago I was leaving physio therapy on Dawson Road, Beside Pay-less mattress. A woman was struggling to get a headboard she had purchased as a gift for her dad, into her car. The store owner asked me if I could help; she was herself unable to. We tried together for about ten minutes but that sucker was not moving.

Finally I asked her where she had to go with it, and her answer was a retirement home around the corner from my house. I said ‘how about I put it in the truck and I will follow you over there’. She was a little stunned I think that I would do that for her but it was on my way home and really, it could have been anywhere in town. How else was she going to get it home.

While en route to the home, a thought struck me. A week before I had ordered 10 ‘pay it forward cards’ from someone who designed a card to get the Karri hour idea out there . They left their story on this site also. I thought ‘here is the perfect time to share a card with this woman’

When we got to the home I unloaded the frame for her and asked her a simple question. ‘Do you use the internet?’ When she said yes, a little, I tried to explain the card I then handed her, that says “pay it forward…”

To my utter disbelief, she had tragically lost her 14 year old granddaughter a month earlier and she just seemed sadly to understand my story. We parted ways. I smiles and cried all the way home.

For some of us; most of us, it is difficult to take credit or praise for something that you would have done anyway. A reason I am sure, this site is not absolutely flooded with stories. But encouragement from one of my favorite ‘third children’ tonight, has led me to share this story. For your pops, Lexi, Happy 50th Peter!

Sue Mckellar

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