From Tina Adair

For the last few weeks i have pulled the Karri Hour page up several times and just could not find the words to say….. “Ox” as we called him here in Hemphill, Texas was a very special person to my family from my oldest all the way down the line to my baby girl “Kelsey” who is 10 years old. Ox always took time for her and spent hours talking to her on fb when he didn’t have to but that was Ox for you. Kelsey and I have been doing several things in honor of our friend/adopted family member. It all started out from a friend of mine in a little town here in the US called Garrison. Ally’s mom called and said that Ally’s 4H project “a goat” had died and that she needed our help because they had ordered “chickens” for the County Livestock Show…. So Kelsey and I have been helping Ally with her project every week so
she may show in the Livestock Show in Nacogdoches…… My husband is a High School Teacher/Coach in Center, Texas and in honor of Karri”Ox” we are honoring the Coaches every Saturday by cooking something special for them as they work getting ready for the next week of practice and their game on Friday night…… I know it’s not much but we are up early on Saturdays cooking for the guys as they spend countless hours helping students prepare for the things that “Ox” loved to do…… “ox” words can not explain how much we love and miss you…. there is not a day that goes by that we are not talking about you….. Kelsey loves and misses you so much as we all do.

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