From Trac Sachs

KARRI was a huge presence on this earth and is clearly still a huge presence in all of our hearts and thoughts. I can’t even begin to say or think I understand what our extended family has had to endure, I am so so sorry.

I do not have one particular story but I must say I am always aware and trying to pass on random acts of kindness in honor of KARRI. Be it money in the homeless persons hat that is playing the tin cans. Giving the squeegee girl all my change from the ashtray in my van or donating at my door. these are all acts of kindness that we all partake in….but thanks to KARRI HOUR these acts happen a lot more often and with great meaning. The passing of KARRI has also repaired a relationship with a family that is very important to ours. Please don’t allow anything to come between people that are important in your life.

I don’t think KARRI HOUR is just for “strangers” take time every day to hold your children. To show your dog you respect them back. To make your sons favorite meal. Sit at the table and eat dinner together whenever you can. listen to your child’s story about their day. Laugh with them, tickle them, tackle them. Dont take anything for granted.take time for you and take care of you In honor of KARRI……AN ANGEL WITH A SMILE!

Love you,


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