Help from our Dad

I have been struggling to do this but finally something came together today that made me want to post.

The very week after Karri left us, my dad, a widower of 3+ years, ended up hospitalized and we were all very worried. My emotions were horrible as reeling from the Oksanan news. Very long story short, as we got him sorted out medically, but he made a decision (at 89) that it was time to leave their home and move to a retirement environment. He now lives at the Royal Henley in St Catharine’s which is a top notch facility. My brothers and I now have the daunting task of emptying their home of over 30+ years and this is where my story starts.

Dad did not want us to sell anything but to charitably give it away. I contacted a group called “Bethlehem Place” which is an organization that he has contributed to financially for some time. It is a women’s’ shelter is St Catharine’s to which he wanted to donate further. This is the email I received today after several email back and forth trying to find a recipient for some of the household furnishings.

“Susan: We spoke last week regarding donations that you have from moving your father. We actually have a single mother who is currently pregnant and has a 3 year old son who is moving into Bethlehem Place for December 15th, we are desperately trying to have her apartment ready for possibly November 1-15th as she will be homeless by the end of Oct. This family will be moving into Bethlehem with nothing but the clothing on their backs and a bed for her son. This family would benefit greatly from a lot the items you identified as still having available”

There is my story. We are paying for the transport of the goods and I go to bed tonight feeling really good. And I feel that way because Karri made me realize how special doing something good really is. I have always been a do gooder but this one is for Karri

Pete, Tracey and Lexi Love you lots,

Sue McKellar

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