“Hey You! Do some good!”

I visit the Karri Hour website everyday and read the great things people have done to make this world a better place in Karri’s honour and I’ve wanted to write a Karri Hour story for a while now, but felt that I didn’t have the proper Karri Hour moment to share yet- until what I had experienced last night.

This past week my girlfriend Courtney and I received out Karri Hour pieces in the mail. While I bought the Karri Hour key ring, I felt that I wanted Karri closer to me, so we set out to the mall in search of a chain so I could wear it around my neck every day. Later on that day before heading to a BBQ at a friend’s place, I decided to put the necklace on and then began my walk around the block to my friend’s house. Not even after 5 minutes of putting that necklace around my neck, I heard an elderly man yell to me “Hey You! Do you mind giving me a hand?”- I knew right then that Karri was with me and it was his way of saying it’s your time to spread my legacy of helping someone in need.

I crossed the street and walked over to a man who was struggling with his lawn mower. After some conversation I learned that this man’s name was Wayne and he explained that usually his daughters are over to help him, but one is very sick at the moment and the other daughter is away in Alberta so he had no one to help him mow his lawn. As it was obvious this gentleman was having a hard time pushing his lawn mower due to his age and his health, I knew I had to help.

I felt bad that I couldn’t help Wayne right then as people were waiting on me for dinner, but I promised him that I would return tomorrow to give him a hand. He was very thankful and appreciative and I then continued on my way to the BBQ. When at the BBQ I explained to my friends that the happenings of the day weren’t a coincidence of putting on my Karri Hour necklace and meeting Wayne and that Karri definitely had a hand in it.

This morning I went back to Wayne’s house just like I promised and helped him to mow his lawn. In the time this morning I got to get to know Wayne and learn about his life story. It was a really great feeling knowing that I was able to help someone in need as well as give him someone to talk to- just as Karri would have done.

I encourage you all to share your Karri Hour stories as they happen as well!

Brent Butler


  1. Brent- I am so proud of you and I know Karri would give you a high five for your thoughtfulness. Love Dad.

  2. Peter Oksanen says

    Brent, Thanks for sharing this story. Its the whole essence of what
    Karri Hour is. A selfless act that helps somebody else. You made the world better today.
    Love Pete

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