Karri through Dad’s eyes

My name is Peter Oksanen and I am Karri’s father.
I am going to pretend to be Karri here and tell a typical day in the life of Karri and how his Karri Hours would help us and make us feel good. The difference is that I am bragging for him Because he would NEVER brag about himself. He was low key about his goodness and so this Karri-Hour posting is to simply tell good stories about what you have done. Its never bragging when you post- It’s honoring Karri and extending his legacy of goodness.

Hi, my name is Karri Oksanen and when I wake up In the morning, I never ask for anything special for breakfast because I dont want to put anybody out or make a fuss over me. I will grab a granola bar and be done with it.

As the day goes on, I might get a call from my grandpa asking whether I can do a garbage dump run or move a piece of furniture or go plant some trees for the hospital and I will always go right over because i would get to spend some time with my Grandpa George and spending time with family is number one for me. Although we keep the same brand of cheese and bread in our house, I like to invite myself and my sister Lexi over to my Grandma Marlenes for Grilled Cheese sandwiches because we love spending some time with her.

My dad dug up part of a vegetable garden for my mom out back and I decided to expand the garden in 38C heat so that my mom would have a much bigger garden to grow the veggies.

I dont request anything special for dinner because I am grateful for everything that I am given except for maybe the occasional Salmon dinner which is my favourite.

After dinner, I know how much Lexi, my mom Tracy and dad, Peter like my company and I, theirs, so I will say yes to a game of Wizard cards before I ,as a normal 22 year old would head out with the boys. I would play games and entertain my friends most nights and I am sure that they will tell you that I made the Hooper Street or Benham or Oneill, or Linesman or MacDonald Family residences or gathering places fun and that everyone was enjoying themselves.

I love the people in my life and I know that they love me.

Because of my various sport and schooling adventures, I have met many wonderful people and I am proud and happy when I am able to make the introductions and merge some of these great people from two or three groups to one all inclusive group of good people. I am quick with a compliment and I dont put people down or make negative comments. You might not know because I dont like to either dwell on or discuss negative incidents, but I was robbed of several possessions two years in a row while down south when I was at university and I did not hate the culprits- I felt sorry that they were so desperate that they must have needed my computer, phone and music device more than me.

I am naive but I believe I am no better nor worse than anyone else and that the world operates daily like I do.
That is my story and that is how I have spent my typical day filling my Karri Hours. Thank you so much for doing good things in honour of me. I have loved my life with all of you. Be good to yourselves and to each other. I look forward to when we can be together again some day.


Karri August Maclean Oksanen


  1. Great story Pete!

  2. I enjoyed this story. Well written.
    I never had the honour of meeting Karri, this story confirms my need to support and learn through Karrihour.
    Thanks for sharing Pete.

  3. Thanks for sharing Pete. A fitting tribute to your beautiful son Karri.
    Laura J.

  4. Amos Warner says

    He was simply the Best !

  5. Norina Morris says

    Beautiful tribute Pete, Tracy and Lexi!

    Norina xo

  6. This is a wonderful way to honour Karri. Thanks for sharing.

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