My new town is hurting

In September this year I moved up to Elliot Lake ontario, with my boyfriend. But I brought the Karri Movement with me. I left all my friends and family back in Guelph to start a life with my boyfriend and used Karri Hour to help out a community that was really in need. In the summer the Elliot Lake mall collapsed and everyone in this town was really effected by this. The vibe in this town is depression, hurt and suffer. I know I can not change that, I do not have the ability to bring back the people who lost their lives, I can’t give everyone the job they lost, nor can I take the pain away but I can help out.. I have started small like cleaning up litter downtown when I am down there for appointments, paying for the persons order behind me at Tim Hortons, and even ordering a bunch of coffees and bringing it into a random business for them to enjoy. I am completing my second year of General Business through distance ed and meeting some of the other students has really opened my eyes to how to help. Distance ed is not an easy way to learn, it is stressful, confusing and more frustrating then I can ever explain but I have dont what I can to help out the students struggling. Whether it be with school, life in general or school I do what I can to help encourage and motivate those who need it. Even just offering a listening ear to someone struggling can turn their day upside down. I thank Karri for being there for me when I needed it, and will continue dedicating my time in the memory of Karri to make a difference.

Kiara Rubenstein

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