Paying it forward

FINALLY after more than two months of ‘only’ being a better person day today, I had a real Karri Hour moment. I called in sick to work today – I actually cannot remember doing that in the last several years. Despite the fact the I really wanted to stay in bed, I still had to drive my kids around. Taking Parry from basketball to dance took me to the other side of town and to a grocery store I try to avoid! It’s big, really busy and I always see people I know. What should take 10 minutes, always takes 30! Today I didn’t want to see anyone or be seen. After bumping into a few dance parents, I got what we needed and headed to the check out.  Of course every line was packed so I went to the self checkout, which I hate. Really for the prices Zehrs charge, I shouldn’t have to pack my own!!  I had just finished my transaction and grabbed my bags when I noticed the man next to me was a little frustrated. He was patting down his coat and pockets obviously looking for something. I asked him if he needed money and he replied that he had forgotten his wallet. I reached in my purse and handed him $20 and said here you go!! He looked at me a little suspicious and said “really?” “Of course” I replied. He then asked if I had an email address so he could contact me. I told him I didn’t but I had a website that he would have to check out. As I spelled KARRI HOUR out to him and he put it in his phone, I explained that Karri was my nephew and the money was from him. He said thank you, I said thank you and I left the store.

There hasn’t been a moment over the past 11 weeks that I haven’t been thinking about Karri. In all that we do, he is ever present. Knowing Karri and loving him was an absolute joy, remembering and honouring him is how we now live. I hope the stranger in Zehrs really does take a moment to check out the website and learn a little about Karri. Without a doubt he will be moved to contribute and once again, because of Karri, the world becomes a little brighter.

Cheryl Rickers

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