Pete & Danny

Hospital-DannyWell my turn to share a nice one. I had a little health issue over the weekend in Pittsburgh and I was lucky enough to be in an observation
room with my roommate “Danny”. Danny has had a VERY VERY difficult life and was in the hospital because he had had 3 heart attacks and several other very serious health issues. Danny had a very unfortunate and sad early life and had no family members left whatsoever. He turns 50 next week and I turn 52.

Danny was recently released from prison after 26 years and so here we are sharing the same hospital room and having several hours to talk to each other about our lives and each others lives. Danny is a survivor. He has survived, stabbings, beatings, tasering, shock bats, gun shots, etc. over 7 years of solitary confinement termed “in the hole”. yet he has a great disposition and is able to be very positive although a bit trepidatious about what the world will be for him outside of the 4 prison walls. I told Danny about myself and I told Danny about Karri’s story and he said to me that everything that he had been through was not as horrible as what I and my family went through and I was surprised that he would make that statement. As the talking went on, I could tell that he literally had no clothes or any personal effects. Only the hospital gown that he really didn’t want to wear. I gave him all of my toiletries and a few shirts and a nice fleece pull over and wished him every bit of success as he tried to make his way into his new life. I gave him a book that I had just read called “The map to heaven”.

Danny hugged me and told me that he was going to share his story with his group home and that all 14 men would do something in honour of Karrihour and he would eventually learn how to use a computer and to post on here about what he’d been doing. I was thrilled. He said that he had been intending to help out at a dog shelter because he loves dogs and that this new information that I shared with him was going to solidify his volunteer work and that he would do it in honour of my son, Karri.

So that’s my Karrihour story and I think that we both helped each other equally in terms of what a Karrihour is. We both inspired each other and I am a better person for having met Danny and I hope that he feels the same after hearing about Karrihour.

God bless everybody!,

Love Pete


  1. What a WONDERFUL thing you did for that man, Pete. I don’t even mean about the “stuff” that you gave to him (which was very generous), but rather in opening up to him in the way that you did. I’m sure that – all things considered with Danny’s life experience – having someone be so vulnerable and sharing with him was probably not something that happened a lot and was definitely an experience that he will treasure. I’m proud to know a man like you, and I’m sure that Danny is better off for his experience with you. God bless. xo

  2. Beautiful story Pete! Much love!

  3. I am always amazed at the way people cross our paths to give us perspective, courage and happiness when we need it most..Congrats to you both for your good works toward each other
    and of course we all wish both of u a return to good health!!!!

  4. Maria Ruffini says

    ripple affect….so beautiful that your son can inspire goodness in so many!

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