Slow down

I want to thank Karri.

Many times I have passed someone on a park bench, who maybe wanted to talk.

Rushed someone’s story because I had somewhere to be.

Honked my horn because my few minutes of being late seemed more important then the people in the car ahead of me.

I have ran past an elderly person carrying bags or simply didn’t act as if someone needed help.

Many times in our lives we rush, cut things short or don’t stop to enjoy the moment.

Karri has made me slow down. He has taught me that life is too short.

Today I said hello to the man on the park bench. I held the door for an elderly couple and I played with my childeren, without my phone, without a clock and with a peaceful thought in the back of my mind…. Karrihour has brought positive influence and peace to hundreds of people. For that, I thank you.

May he rest in peace and may his family and friends also find peace.

Alexis Kulnies


  1. Cheryl Rickers says

    Love it Lex!! xo

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