Tara (part une)

I agree with most about, “putting up good deeds seeming a bit like looking for a pat on the back”, however, why shouldn’t more positivity be thrown out there? With all the sad stories, negative energy and missed opportunities out there, it seems apropos to begin a new trend. A happy one. There are so many more bigger and better things to come……we can grab hold and make em happen even sooner.  These so called “little” or “small” gestures are nothing of the sort. They’re putting smiles on people’s faces, brightening someone’s otherwise dreary day, proving that good faith exists, and basically, hopefully, helping someone out in any way you see fit…..makes us feel good too in the process. Seems like a perfect fit.  So, I was waiting to pay for my groceries last night on my way home from work, listening to two men behind me, also both foreign, chatting in Italian about their days. When it came time to pay, I decided, this
is a good time. I asked the girl at the check-out to include their stuff on my bill. It wasn’t much mind you, but I thought, “perhaps, the money could be used from these groceries, for something else they might need later tonight”. They pleaded to let them pay, telling me they work, and I told them, I knew that, it was just something nice to do. They asked me again in the parking lot why I had done it, and I just said, “my family lost someone very dear to us recently, and this is our way of moving forward”. Karri’s memory stays alive whether we do good deeds or not. I do believe that that more you give, the more you have.

Love you Kar

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