‘Tis the season

Every Christmas the Oksanen family has always welcomed me and everyone else into their homes for the holidays. I remember going over on Christmas morning to share what gifts I had received with Lexi and Karri. Being the older brother sometime Karri would be “too cool” to
play our new games, but by the end of the morning we would all be hanging out playing guitar hero or DDR. I’ve always been so honoured to have two families there for me. As a kid, opening gifts on Christmas was so exciting, which is why this Christmas some friends and I from school decided to sponsor a family. Parents at the school that can not afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children signed up to be sponsored. Between the three of us, we bought presents for
three children. We all went to the mall and made two build a bears for two young girls, and the fourth Harry Potter book. This was an anonymous gift, so the parents can sign it from “santa” or from them, but it will mean that they will have something to open and look forward to this Christmas. I did this in memory of Karri, and i’m starting to realize how important it is to not only do something so positive for other people, but to do it in memory of someone who was always such a positive person. Karri will never be forgotten, and will always be missed.

Brooklynn Hillis

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