Well thanks from us then!

I have generally always been a kind and helpful person. It was not until recently, actually yesterday, when doing one of these acts of kindness that I realized that they were not always selfless. Yesterday, I noticed an older woman coming closer to an establishment that I was already in and as a gesture of kindness and goodwill I got up from my chair and opened the door for her. When she didn’t say “Thank you”, after this gesture, my instinct was to become angry –
after all, when someone does something nice for another person , shouldn’t there be some sort of recognition. And then as if an apple had fallen on my head, Eureka!!! When you engage in an act of kindness, it is meant to be just that – KIND. I realized then, that all along I have been always kind and helpful in a very selfish manner. It was almost in an effort to make myself feel better that I was this way – a sort of reassurance, if I am kind and helpful, I must be a good person. Thinking of Karri and Karri Hour, my attitude towards acts of kindness has changed 100%.
Now, with Karri in mind every time I engage in an act of kindness, my acts are completely selfless – they are committed with no expectation of recognition.

Kylee Erwin


  1. Cathi Krewicki says

    Wow Kylee, what an eye opener for me…I can totally relate to what you said. THANK YOU for making me realize something much better. Karri would be SO proud.

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