From Dave Myles

My sister in law Jen told me about the Karri Hour website a few weeks ago and I was determined to do something worthwhile for my Karri Hour good deed. But what? So last week I drove by the ReStore and it hit me, I can swing a hammer. I could volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity build here in Guelph.  So far I have put in three shifts on the site and signed up for a shift tomorrow. This past week I helped with installing floor joists, laying flooring, building a second floor wall and building and installing a support beam. Fun Wow!!  The build in Guelph is called a woman’s build which doesn’t exclude men but rather encourages women to join in on the build.  Volunteers of any skill level are encouraged to come out and join the team. Site supervisor Sarah is a competent patient leader willing to teach and support the crew in the different phases of the build.  At the end of each day I feel good for helping out and I have learned a new skill. I can’t wait for the dry walling phase so I can learn how it’s done. That will make Jen happy!! As it turns out the Habitat administrators are quite familiar with Tracy as she helped to start the Women’s Build program here in Guelph. This has and will continue to be a very gratifying experience for me. I would highly recommend this worthwhile cause for anyone searching for a Karri hour idea.

Thanks to Pete, Tracy and Lexi for starting this moving website.


  1. Thanks Dave for the great feedback about your Habitat experiences! We are honoured that you chose to do your Karri Hour with us. Tracy was indeed a founding member of the Women Build here in Guelph and because of her families will receive homes. I am sure Karri would be proud.

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