From Sheena N.

imageFor anyone who was luck enough to have met Kar, I think we can agree that he plays a role in a our everyday life whether revered in the mind, felt in our hearts, or witnessed through random acts of kindness. I love that. I also love how he has pulled together so many long lost friends and puzzle pieces to the ‘good ol days’. At the golf tourney, many attendees shared the same appreciation in that it was a beautiful day, successful reunion, and overall overwhelming display of kindness. However, amongst all the familiar faces, the one person that really made it all possible was missing; Karri.

About a week ago I ran into a friend that didn’t know Karri, his family or our friend circle but had heard about the heartbreak and reached out, immediately liking the KarriHour page and pledging her commitment. I gave her a bracelet and a year later I am touched to notice she still wears it everyday. It reminds me that this movement continues to grow and give hope to more people than just his friends and family.

This is someone who could easily dwell during hard times, but instead holds her head high and perseveres bringing joy to others. She’s taken refuge in the movement and spread the love, proudly flaunting her bracelet all along. Her latest act was posting handmade signs around Guelph offering passerby’s to ‘Take What You Need’ and added tabs listing simple necessities such as courage, love, strength etc. for them to pull off.

As a friend, she’s the kind that texts you first, checks in and offers support regardless of whatever struggles she may be having, or how many times those friends and family have let her down; she never hesitates to put others first. Mack (Lil MG), your big beautiful smile and many kind acts are most appreciated. Thank you for staying true to your word and reminding us that Karri’s legacy continues to touch new lives everyday.

Sheena N.

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