From Sheena Naidu

For weeks now I’ve been checking the site, reading people’s lovely selfless acts and being reminded how simple it can be to be a better person. I’ve wanted to post, but just didn’t know where to start. Karri features in my memory more times a day that I can count. I feel as though every little thing reminds me of him…my internet pop ups are flashing ‘Texas’ in my face, royal blue is the colour of the season, and ofcourse baseball baseball baseball. My part in Karri hour
most recently has been to share his legacy with anyone that cares to listen. For the first while following his departure, I hadn’t known how to process everything that seemed to be happening at light speed. But with the outpouring devotion and support that this beautiful Karri Hour movement has influenced, it’s become clear that he is still very much a current feature in everyone’s lives and we owe it to him to keep the momentum and get more people on board. Nowadays, anytime
someone shows me kindness, or reminisces on an act of kindness they received, I tell them about our beautiful boy Karri, and the Karri Hour movement, and hope that they too will spread the word and the good deeds.

Thanks for reading, and friends, please keep posting!

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