From Tara Newman

One of the families who lost their home in the earthquake, around the corner from ours, recently moved in downstairs under us. They have 4
kids, all between about 12-16 years old. I decided to introduce myself and take down some cookies to say hello. They were so incredibly welcoming, polite and friendly. After having lost their home, they couldn’t have been more hospitable. Truly took my breath away. I thought I was doing them the favor really, but it ended up being better for me to see the strength of a family in the midst of hardship. Anyway, we talked for a bit. It was so nice, and something so “insignificant”, easy to do, that shows, it doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s gloomy day.

Karri, I love you.


  1. Peter Oksanen says

    And the rest of the before of this story is that Tara had just purchased her new home in Italy with husband Simone. And then the earthquake shattered the region leaving the two of them in a 42 day homeless fog where what did they do?…..served meals , helped people, did good things constantly. So any Karri Hour time that Tara does is above and beyond the good things that she does on a daily basis now. Love you guys. Stay safe, love Uncle Pete

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