Good health

774802_10151671809494498_1683987345_oHi there!

I was the recipient of a Karri Hour story yesterday. I went home to visit my family for the weekend. My dad hands me mail addressed to me.. curiously I open it up to a message that says, “Hi! I found this at the bus stop at Maple + Forest Wed. Jan 9/13. Best Wishes to you for 2013!”

My health card had escaped my wallet that day when I caught the bus. This stranger took my health card, packed it up in a little envelope and mailed it out WITH a warm greeting. How thoughtful and sweet… I still have a smile on my face 🙂 Next time I’m at this bus stop I will write a thank you note + Karri Hour, in hopes that this friendly stranger sees it and continues doing good deeds for the community. 🙂

Alex R.

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