This isn’t a full effect karri hour story, just a good deed I witnessed.

As many people reading this may know, in post-secondary education world, it’s midterm season. This means stressed out, grouchy, anxious, and sleep deprived students are prevalent. Yesterday (the 31st) my boyfriend and I spent the majority of the day in the library, both feeling pretty sorry for ourselves that we had upcoming midterms and couldn’t celebrate halloween. My boyfriend was feeling especially stressed as he had an exam the next morning and was feeling pretty under the weather. We left the library, attended our last class, and headed home in sour moods. Shortly after getting on the bus my boyfriend realized he could not find his phone. His birthday had just passed and his parents bought him the new iPhone 5, naturally he was very distraught. we tried calling it multiple times, sending the phone text messages offering a $300 reward, and we got no response. My boyfriend was pretty upset, after a long, cold, rainy day filled with
studying this was not the ideal end. About an hour after calling his parents and telling them the news, we recieved an email which read “I found your phone! You dropped it in NCB, dont worry about the reward 🙂 give me a call if you want to meet up to take it back”

Instead of stealing this brand new expensive phone, this stranger offered to meet up on a rainy night and return it to its rightful owner, politely declining the offer of a reward and simply stating “I’ve lost phones before too, it sucks, it’s a horrible feeling, I’m just glad I could help.”

Ashlean Richardson

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