It’s catching on!

Story this may not be….A real life testimonial about “WHAT’S HAPPENING” out there is more apropos….

I am sitting in my office and my “Internet Marketing Girl” walked into my office with a STARBUCKS FRAPPUCINO…smiling she said “You won’t believe what just happened”…She told me as she was approaching the Drive Thru Window, the attendant said “The car in front of you
paid”…Puzzled, she said “I don’t know the person …WHY?” The attendant responded by handing her a “GIFT CARD” envelope that had the website written across it

It brought both tears to my eyes and joy in my heart to see the message and legacy of Karri is on the minds of many and most…I don’t even know!

Mark Erwin


  1. Carolyn Hebert says

    WoW! I just found out that the person who paid for these drinks was my sister, Sarah, who lives in Cambridge! She was out running errands for her boss and decided that she wanted a coffee.. when she got to the window, Karri hour popped into her head and she thought – why not? so she bought the coffees for the two people in line behind her and left the gift card she used with the website in hopes that one of them would check it out! What an amazing world we live in.. everything truly happens for a reason and this situation is clear proof. She had completely forgotten about it until reading this post last night. She is too shy to write on here though, so I thought I’d do it for her!

    • Thats great Carolyn! I am really happy that Sarah did this. We love to read the stories. We are doing a lot of little things that we are constantly mindful about and when others embrace this movement, it fills our hearts with joy and pride for Karri. Keep passing out the word. Our world IS getting better.
      Peace and love, Peter

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