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You can leave comments on the Karri Hour Stories listed on the home page but if you would like to leave a message for Karri and his family, please do so here.


  1. Peter Oksanen says

    Good morning. Its Labour Day weekend. Hopefully the +200 of you wonderful people that have liked, pledged and signed in on Karri Hour will be able to spend a Karri Hour on a good activity/deed/phone call,whatever this week and post it on the site. It gives our family a very good , healing and proud feeling when we read what you are doing or planning to do to honour Karri’s memory and help our world.
    We love you and we are grateful beyond words

  2. lis newman-stegner says

    love to all of you this labour day weekend……..my thoughts are always about karri and how much he will be missed by his family in windsor…………….we loved him with all of our hearts….pete, tracy and lexi have a peaceful weekend and will talk soon

  3. Matthew Hamilton says

    Love and miss you bud…i get the chills everytime i see your picture because i just wonna call or text haha…ill see you on the other side my good friend RIP OX

  4. Peter Oksanen says

    We are now over 20,000 annual hours of goodness and kind deeds pledged by you so far because of Karri Hour through your LIKEs of the facebook page and website. We are so thankful that you are embracing this movement in honour of Karri and as a tribute to him.
    Please share your stories with us whenever you get the chance (short thoughts or long ones) and keep spreading the kind words about Karri Hour to all of your networks. Lets all keep this fantastic momentum going as its already making a big difference for a better world. Sincerely, Peter, Tracy and Lexi Oksanen

  5. Tracy Oksanen says

    I was on the phone today with my sister Cheryl and we were discussing how great all the stories are on Karrihour. Cheryl was telling me that after reading Claire’s story she has been searching everywhere for the triple 4’s ….we laughed. At that moment Pete came in the room and started to talk to me not realizing I am on the phone, he had a t-shirt made with karrihour.com printed on it and he wanted to show me. Cher then says to me have him take a picture and send it to me …..well we all know how this story ends it was picture # 444 of 444 on his iphone. We all gave a cheer and said hi to Karri. Thank you Claire for your story we loved it…lov Tracy ox

    • I also mentioned to Claire that her’s was the 4th Karri Hour story sent that day and that the days episode of Sesame Street was being brought to us by the number 4 (Ok, I made that last part up)

  6. Lori Salverda says

    Hi Oksanen Family,
    Tony and I are driving home from the cottage after a quiet weekend of rest. I’m reading to Tony in the car all of the stories of Karri Hour. Our regret is that we never got to know Karri, but through these stories, we feel that we are having this privilege in a small way. Our memories keep our loved ones alive in our hearts. Your idea of Karri hour is a brilliant way to keep Karri alive in your hearts and in the hearts of all who loved and knew him. We will be sharing it with our friends and family in Canada, the US and Europe. He did so much while he was with you…it sounds like he will continue to do much even though he is no longer here on earth. It sounds as if his spirit and his love is going to make a difference in the lives of many.
    Blessings to all who participate in Karri Hour.
    Tony and Lori Salverda (Cambridge/Sauble)

    • Peter Oksanen says

      Hello Lori. Thanks for such encourafing words. By the way, your casserole was an absolute HIT with Lexis Rugby team. They demolished most of it and I ate the reat. Thanks so much! Yes these Karri Hour stories are very warming to the heart and i want them to keep going as long as I am around and longer. Its a marathon and not a sprint but we are going to move forward for ourselves, our family and friends and to honour Karri’s legacy. God bless you Lori, Tony and your family.
      Sincerely, Peter

  7. Nicholas Piach says

    Hello Family OX

    Nikolai Volkov here, admiring your heroic emergence from such a tragic loss. I’ll never forget the afternoon when I received the news of Karri’s passing. Nicole took the call and conveyed the news to me. At the time I was cutting the grass. I stopped my work and went into the house with Nicole. Following a period of grieving, I didn’t know weather to tie my shoes or wind my watch so I decided to resume my lawn mowing and reflect upon my memories of your family. Several moments back into that, a wheel fell off my lawn mower. I thought Oh… I see… sorry man. I grabbed a football, gathered my son and jumped into the lake for a couple of hours. How lucky are your children to have parents like you? For my Karri hour this week, I will visit my mom and cut her lawn.

    Love you xoxoxo

    • Peter Oksanen says

      Nicky and Nicole
      Thanks for the note. We love you guys and these notes and Karri Hour
      Stories are what is helping bring us comfort right now. We will pop by and see you the next time we are in Windsor. Give the kids an extra big hug from Uncle “Peeyitt” tonight.
      Love Oxy

  8. Sarah Hill says

    Hello Peter & Tracey,…..we met August 8th in Sauble beach. You shared with me that you knew my brother , Jamie and how he is loved by both of you. That warms my heart , as Jamie is my favorite person , this world has to offer.
    Looking over your site and seeing what a beautiful family you have ,…I can imagine what a wonderful son / brother is was.
    Brad and myself lost a friend. He took his life. We cry and ache for him to return with the BIG question “WHY”. We visit his family. The circle of friends , in honour of Barry, aternate suppers and keep in touch. This reads like “just a story” ; but my heart aches for your loss.
    Wrapping my arms around you all,….pleasure meeting you Peter and Tracey. Wearing “Karrihour.com” band and think about you often.
    GOD Bless you all. Keep each other close.
    Sarah Hill.

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