Olympic Gold

I wanted to take the opportunity to share with Karri Hour, my Olympic connection and the true act of kindness bestowed upon me as I walked my way through the Cambridge Centre Mall to the Olympic Chalet where I am proudly and patriotically representing Cambridge Hyundai.

362809-sochi-medals.jpgJust as I was rounding the corner, passing East Side Mario’s and in the opposite direction of the Bay, a gentleman complimented me on my Team Canada Jersey (the awesome Black, Red and Gold one!). We started talking a little about the Olympics and the successes our Olympians have had so far, when he said to me “You need a toque to go along with that jersey!”. And no sooner was he giving me the hat off of his head, telling me that he had more at home because his son was at the Olympics. I don’t know if anyone has tried to find themselves an official Olympic hat lately, but I can assure you that they are nearly impossible to get ahold of AND this man selflessly and without the slightest hesitation gave me his own.

This father and kind older man, proceeded to tell me about his son who is the Olympic speed skating coach, Derrick Campbell. I can’t help but feel in these moments how small our world truly is and just how kind people are two absolute strangers. It is precisely these moments where one’s faith can be restored in humanity…people are good!

Kylee Erwin

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