Paying it forward. Literally

This weekend my family and I were treated to a a ringside table at a boxing event. The organizers Kevin Lyon and Michael Simon held a 50-50-draw 1/2 of the draw to be given to the Karri Oksanen Scholarship fund. the Karri Oksanen Humanitarian award will be awarded to a John F. Ross student each year.The draw was won by the main event winner Logan McGuinness’s
mother. At the last minute she read where the proceeds were to go and bought a ticket. She won $750 and having a true Karri hour experience, donated back the funds.

What a wonderful person.

Grandpa & Grandma


  1. Cathi Krewicki says

    What a wonderful person indeed!

  2. Jenni McQuarrie says

    It’s so nice to see that in todays world there are still truly spectacular beings out there! Karri was definately one of them and has inspired many others to follow. What a wonderful person that women is!!

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