Tara version 2.0

Ok, so I have submitted my stories, but I have one now about a Karri-Hour moment that was done TO ME.  I came down to my car the other morning, on my way to work as usual. It was raining, and I realized out of my rearview mirror that the wiper on the back window wasn’t touching the glass, so I got out to put it in place. Now, you have to know that it’d been broken forever. I had actually ripped the rubber piece that removes the water right off a long time ago. When I got back there to put it back, I realized the whole thing had been replaced. It was a whole new wiper, blade and all. Weird I thought. Perfect though, seeing as it was wet out.  I couldn’t figure out who had done it. It wasn’t Simo. I stopped to ask my neighbour if he’d done it, and he had not either. So, my windshield wiping fairy is out there somewhere. Not sure why you did it. Don’t need to know really. Just thankful that you did. Greatfully, and seeing more clearly now thanks to you.


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