The Boys of Late Summer

Yesterday the Ross Royals baseball team had their final tryout. An exhibition game with GCVI. Through coaching some of the grade 9 hopefuls in their GMBA season that had just finished, I found out about this game happening just down the street. Having the night off, I went down to watch. It didn’t take me long to start reminiscing about the good ol’ days when I played for the Ross Royals along side our star center fielder, Karri Oksanen. At this game it was clear to me that some of these players lacked the natural talent and skill that was blessed to Karri. These players might actually need some guidance and hard work to get where our lefty centre fielder reached in baseball quite effortlessly. Remembering Karri hour, I walked over to Mr. Durk and offered up my time to help coach the Royals to what I only hope will be another winning season. So for the next few weeks I have my Karri hours devoted to something Karri would have been truly proud of, and I will be remembering him and sharing his love of baseball every step of the way.

Steve Benham


  1. What a fine way to honour Karri.

  2. Peter Oksanen says

    Steve, you and your Benham family have helped us so much
    during this impossibly difficult time. Thank you for this post, we love you.

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