What a Turkey

portrait_of_a_mailman_holding_letters_and_smiling_255-26057Karri Oksanen is my nephew, his father Peter is my younger brother. I usually let people go ahead of me in a grocery line if they just have a few things, it is just a nice thing to do and we have to stop the mad hurry all the time, at least I do. A few times 2 or 3 shoppers have gone before me. One day before Christmas a guy behind me was holding a big bag of potatoes in one hand and a frozen turkey in the other. At first he said no, he would wait but after a few minues he agreed to go first. During the switch I thought he looked familiar and told him so, it turned out that he is our mailman. So even though I have stepped up
and do nice deeds more consiously in memory of Karri now, it would have been embarrassing had I not let my mailman go first with his small load.

Susan Kolyvek

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