From Trac Sachs

KARRI was a huge presence on this earth and is clearly still a huge presence in all of our hearts and thoughts. I can’t even begin to say or think I understand what our extended family has had to endure, I am so so sorry.

I do not have one particular story but I must say I am always aware and trying to pass on random acts of kindness in honor of KARRI. Be it money in the homeless persons hat that is playing the tin cans. Giving the squeegee girl all my change from the ashtray in my van or donating at my door. these are all acts of kindness that we all partake in….but thanks to KARRI HOUR these acts happen a lot more often and with great meaning. The passing of KARRI has also repaired a relationship with a family that is very important to ours. Please don’t allow anything to come between people that are important in your life.

I don’t think KARRI HOUR is just for “strangers” take time every day to hold your children. To show your dog you respect them back. To make your sons favorite meal. Sit at the table and eat dinner together whenever you can. listen to your child’s story about their day. Laugh with them, tickle them, tackle them. Dont take anything for granted.take time for you and take care of you In honor of KARRI……AN ANGEL WITH A SMILE!

Love you,


From Donny Wassick

So I to have been waiting to write about the BIG good deed done, only to realize there have been several small ones,like the man who could not care for his large dogs anymore ,so my daughter Ali and I brought the dogs to the animal shelter and donated a genorous amount of money to care for them… then there was the single mother of two who’s car had broken down and was in tears, so we let her borrow a vehicle for as long as she needed… then there was an elderly man who had come in to the shop in a panic, as his car had broken down with his wife with alzheimers inside , so we quickley tended to his wife and got his car started. After many attempts of him trying to pay me ,I told him it was for “karri” …. he smiled, I smiled back and thought of karri, his wonderful parents and grand parents,aunts,uncles and cousins, all such good people of this world! So the lesson here is that good deeds come in small packages too!

PEACE Donny W.

From the mean streets

When I heard about Karri Hour and all the great stories that have come out so far, I knew that this idea was truly indicative of who Karri was. I have been away from Guelph for about six years but I will never forget the times I had with Karri and the type of person he was. I live in Vancouver, and as you may be aware, there is a pretty devastating problem with drugs and the homeless on Main st and Hastings. My story begins here.

I was coming home from work, doing my usual stroll down Main st. to Hastings at 3 am to catch a bus home. This may not seem like a very good idea to most people, but generally the people are not dangerous. When I got to the bus stop there was a man sitting there, in a worn track suit, and terribly conditioned shoes. I sat next to him, and he asked me for food, and a little company. I gave him a granola bar and ginger ale that I had. He was a drug addict and had been since he was 12 ( he is 34 now). He was telling me about how he lived on the streets for 20 years, and that this was his home. He had just spent four months in rehab, and had been clean for the duration. I have talked to many addicts on this street, and for the most part they have no hope and just want money. I saw something different in this man, he wanted help. He was upset that the drug dealers in his “home” were making fun of him and putting him down when he said no to them.

This seemed a little strange to me, he was more upset about his dealers opinion of him, than he was about anything else that was going on. He had just been put back on the street with no food, no money, and only the clothes on his back. Naturally, he headed back to Main where he was certainly doomed to use again. He showed me one of his track marks, on his right arm which ran from his shoulder down to his wrist. I knew that he needed my help, or at least some advice. In my mind, I knew that this was my Karri moment, because I know that Karri would help anyone he could despite their status. I asked him where he was from and how he got in this situation.

As if the world wasn’t small enough, this man, Rob, had been put in the Homewood in Guelph when he was twelve, and escaped at 16. He was hooked on crack and heroine at that young age. He had an internal battle with himself, he knew that he shouldn’t do the drugs, and that they would eventually kill him. But, he needed a little push in the right direction. I gave him the change that I had, but more importantly, I took him away from Main, and to the only open McDonalds nearby. I got him a meal and gave him the only advice that I knew.
Stay away from Main. Go live your life for yourself, and do not worry what anyone else thinks. When I left Rob, I thought for sure that I would see him again, in a bad state, back to his old ways.

Yesterday, I saw Rob again. He had different clothes, and he looked better, less miserable and he had found a shelter. He said that my words, and my help allowed him to think about life in a different way. I feel as though, Karri helped me with that situation. Had I not been thinking of the Karri Hour campaign, I might not have done what needed to be done. The connection to Guelph, assured me that this was supposed to happen. I am proud to be Karri’s friend, and I know that we can show the world, that there is good, and that we can make a change, one hour at a time.

Good luck to everyone.

Bryan Scott

From Lisa Bryant

The other day I was leaving work and my co-worker was coming in. He was visibly in a lot of pain. I asked what was wrong and he said that his side was hurting a lot. Before leaving I told him that if he needed or wanted to go to the hospital at all through out the early hours of the morning to just call me and I would get up and take him. He called me at 3AM and said he just got off the phone with tele health and they said that he needed to get to the hospital ASAP based on his symptoms. He then stated that he needed to remain at work I said okay keep me posted. By 5AM he called me again and asked if I could take him now. I climbed out of bed and drove to work to pick him up and take him to the hospital. Where he received the care and attention needed to figure out what was wrong.

A Karri Hour from inside Karri Hour

Like many people, I have been hesitant to send in my Karri Hour stories. Somehow we feel that it “cheapens” the good deed if you then go online to brag about it. We have to remember that this isn’t the case, and sharing these stories reminds others to do good and offer comfort to karri’s family. So let’s scream it from the roof tops in as unabashed a manner as we can stomach. If you look at the attached picture (it is a screen shot from the karri Hour Facebook page yesterday) you will see I had extra motivation to get this one done.

I administer and the Facebook page and am on vacation for a couple of weeks with my wife and kids doing a tour of Southern California with all of the requisite stops. With Karri Hour having such great traction these days – stories coming in every day, sales of the Karri Hour jewellery going strong – I wanted to make sure I spent a little time each day to make sure this page and the Facebook page were kept current. Unfortunately, running the site, posting stories, finding pictures, tracking jewellery sales etc… is a little more time consuming when I have to do it from an iPad/iPhone combination with spotty internet grabbed from a hotel room or local Starbucks. So while Karri Hour is portable, it’s ironically more time consuming during time when I am not supposed to be working.

So is there a Karri Hour story in our future, or are you just going to whine about your iPad and bad internet?” Yes, there is, and here goes: [Read more…]

From Stacey Hamilton

I have put this off for weeks, and for that I apoligize. I was talking to someone the other day and told her if we could ever get over the feeling that we are bragging or looking for a pat on the back and realize that this is helping Karri’s family heal from this tragedy, we would post the second we do good. Even after I said that, it has taken me three days to do this. I am going to run down the list of things i’ve done for several weeks, and I’m going to do my best to post once a week. I have given candy to my church for the fall fest we host for the community on Halloween night, bought a backpack (2) and filled them with school supplies for kids in Africa, another project my church helps with. I have cooked for a friend that had surgery, cooked for 2 families that lost loved ones. Visited my dad while he was in the hospital, assuring him I do love him, visited with my brother and his wife when they lost their son. I try very hard to always offer encouragement to anyone and everyone i come in contact with. May the Lord continue to heal and bless the Okansen family.

Keys Please

For the past few weeks I have been trying to decide who I would like to dedicate my Karri Hour to. I decided to help the John F. Ross Jr. Boys Volleyball team by providing the team with a strength and fitness program. This past Friday was my first session with the team and the response from the boys was phenomenal. Not only were each and every one of them excited and eager to participate, a few other students in the school asked to join in for their own benefit. Originally, the coach had come up with “Fitness Fridays” but the boys overruled her and now call it “Get Huge Friday’s”. In week 1, I did some ground work as well as measure their vertical to track their progress over the season. I’m looking forward to watching the team improve and build a stronger foundation for Ross volleyball!

**The picture I uploaded was taken July 2nd, 2011. Karri, Kevin Beattie, and I were walking to my house from downtown and one of Karri’s co-worker’s from Cargill had dropped his keys in a slit in the pavement where the tree is planted. He couldn’t reach the keys so Karri found a stick and fished them out for him, earning a well deserved hug.

Brad Benham

“Hey You! Do some good!”

I visit the Karri Hour website everyday and read the great things people have done to make this world a better place in Karri’s honour and I’ve wanted to write a Karri Hour story for a while now, but felt that I didn’t have the proper Karri Hour moment to share yet- until what I had experienced last night.

This past week my girlfriend Courtney and I received out Karri Hour pieces in the mail. While I bought the Karri Hour key ring, I felt that I wanted Karri closer to me, so we set out to the mall in search of a chain so I could wear it around my neck every day. Later on that day before heading to a BBQ at a friend’s place, I decided to put the necklace on and then began my walk around the block to my friend’s house. Not even after 5 minutes of putting that necklace around my neck, I heard an elderly man yell to me “Hey You! Do you mind giving me a hand?”- I knew right then that Karri was with me and it was his way of saying it’s your time to spread my legacy of helping someone in need.

I crossed the street and walked over to a man who was struggling with his lawn mower. After some conversation I learned that this man’s name was Wayne and he explained that usually his daughters are over to help him, but one is very sick at the moment and the other daughter is away in Alberta so he had no one to help him mow his lawn. As it was obvious this gentleman was having a hard time pushing his lawn mower due to his age and his health, I knew I had to help. [Read more…]

Shelter from the rain

For weeks now I have been scanning the Karri Hour website and reading the amazing testimonials many people have shared with the world in honour of Karri and finally after my experiences from last night, I have a story to share with you! Since Karri Hour began I have been trying hard each and every day to do something little for someone else such as holding a door open, welcoming everyone with a smile or even catching up with an old friend. While I did not know Karri well myself, I feel that through reading the various stories on this website as well as listening to my friends’ stories about him that he was truly an amazing friend, always willing to lend a hand to those in need – and although he is no longer with us in person, his legacy lives on and inspires others to stop, think, listen and become better people.

Last night when spending time with some of my friends, the topic of Karri Hour came up and my boyfriend Brent shared his Karri Hour experience of the day with us and it really had me thinking of what more I could do to contribute to such an amazing cause. On my way home from dropping Brent off (12:00 am) it began pouring rain – so much so that I almost had to pull over. When I came upon the closest intersection, I saw an older lady who was soaking wet on the corner trying so desperately to flag people in their vehicles down…. but no one stopped. When I reached the intersection, there were no longer any cars there – it was just me and the lady and suddenly the light turned red. I took it as a sign from Karri that it was now my time to help someone in need. While many people would probably think I’m crazy for stopping and picking up a total stranger off the street in the middle of the night, I did not for one second feel scared as I knew that Karri was with me and this lady clearly needed help and I wasn’t going to let a societal taboo stop me from doing what was right. [Read more…]

From Tina Adair

For the last few weeks i have pulled the Karri Hour page up several times and just could not find the words to say….. “Ox” as we called him here in Hemphill, Texas was a very special person to my family from my oldest all the way down the line to my baby girl “Kelsey” who is 10 years old. Ox always took time for her and spent hours talking to her on fb when he didn’t have to but that was Ox for you. Kelsey and I have been doing several things in honor of our friend/adopted family member. It all started out from a friend of mine in a little town here in the US called Garrison. Ally’s mom called and said that Ally’s 4H project “a goat” had died and that she needed our help because they had ordered “chickens” for the County Livestock Show…. So Kelsey and I have been helping Ally with her project every week so
she may show in the Livestock Show in Nacogdoches…… My husband is a High School Teacher/Coach in Center, Texas and in honor of Karri”Ox” we are honoring the Coaches every Saturday by cooking something special for them as they work getting ready for the next week of practice and their game on Friday night…… I know it’s not much but we are up early on Saturdays cooking for the guys as they spend countless hours helping students prepare for the things that “Ox” loved to do…… “ox” words can not explain how much we love and miss you…. there is not a day that goes by that we are not talking about you….. Kelsey loves and misses you so much as we all do.