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I’m Olivia and I’m a 14 year old student from Niagara Falls, Ontario. I can honestly say that I’ve been on the Karri Hour website for the past week. I lost my best friend on Monday because he was hit by a driver while skateboarding home from his friend’s house. I just want to make you aware that I am not only doing one Karri Hour a week, but every day. That website inspired me, and it really shows how people can make the world a better place.I will continue to take part in one Karri hour a day.


From Emma Porter

Since being back at school, I’ve had many “Karri Moments” where I’ve held doors open, stopped to give someone directions even though I was in a rush, greeted everyone with a big smile despite whatever kind of day I was having, or taken on extra shifts to help someone out. Even though these are all things I used to do most of the time anyways, I’m
now conscious to do them all of the time. But like many who have posted stories, I felt these small acts of kindness weren’t far out of my comfort zone, and I wanted to do something more. Finally, this past week an opportunity presented itself, and with Karri Hour ever present in my mind, I jumped on it. This year over Reading Week, I will be spending my Karri Hours in El Salvador, helping to build a home for a family in need. The build is through Habitat for Humanity, and I am beyond excited to do some good in a place that could really benefit from it.

It’s catching on!

Story this may not be….A real life testimonial about “WHAT’S HAPPENING” out there is more apropos….

I am sitting in my office and my “Internet Marketing Girl” walked into my office with a STARBUCKS FRAPPUCINO…smiling she said “You won’t believe what just happened”…She told me as she was approaching the Drive Thru Window, the attendant said “The car in front of you
paid”…Puzzled, she said “I don’t know the person …WHY?” The attendant responded by handing her a “GIFT CARD” envelope that had the website written across it

It brought both tears to my eyes and joy in my heart to see the message and legacy of Karri is on the minds of many and most…I don’t even know!

Mark Erwin

Paying it forward

FINALLY after more than two months of ‘only’ being a better person day today, I had a real Karri Hour moment. I called in sick to work today – I actually cannot remember doing that in the last several years. Despite the fact the I really wanted to stay in bed, I still had to drive my kids around. Taking Parry from basketball to dance took me to the other side of town and to a grocery store I try to avoid! It’s big, really busy and I always see people I know. What should take 10 minutes, always takes 30! Today I didn’t want to see anyone or be seen. After bumping into a few dance parents, I got what we needed and headed to the check out.  Of course every line was packed so I went to the self checkout, which I hate. Really for the prices Zehrs charge, I shouldn’t have to pack my own!!  I had just finished my transaction and grabbed my bags when I noticed the man next to me was a little frustrated. He was patting down his coat and pockets obviously looking for something. I asked him if he needed money and he replied that he had forgotten his wallet. I reached in my purse and handed him $20 and said here you go!! He looked at me a little suspicious and said “really?” “Of course” I replied. He then asked if I had an email address so he could contact me. I told him I didn’t but I had a website that he would have to check out. As I spelled KARRI HOUR out to him and he put it in his phone, I explained that Karri was my nephew and the money was from him. He said thank you, I said thank you and I left the store.

There hasn’t been a moment over the past 11 weeks that I haven’t been thinking about Karri. In all that we do, he is ever present. Knowing Karri and loving him was an absolute joy, remembering and honouring him is how we now live. I hope the stranger in Zehrs really does take a moment to check out the website and learn a little about Karri. Without a doubt he will be moved to contribute and once again, because of Karri, the world becomes a little brighter.

Cheryl Rickers

From Dave Myles

My sister in law Jen told me about the Karri Hour website a few weeks ago and I was determined to do something worthwhile for my Karri Hour good deed. But what? So last week I drove by the ReStore and it hit me, I can swing a hammer. I could volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity build here in Guelph.  So far I have put in three shifts on the site and signed up for a shift tomorrow. This past week I helped with installing floor joists, laying flooring, building a second floor wall and building and installing a support beam. Fun Wow!!  The build in Guelph is called a woman’s build which doesn’t exclude men but rather encourages women to join in on the build.  Volunteers of any skill level are encouraged to come out and join the team. Site supervisor Sarah is a competent patient leader willing to teach and support the crew in the different phases of the build.  At the end of each day I feel good for helping out and I have learned a new skill. I can’t wait for the dry walling phase so I can learn how it’s done. That will make Jen happy!! As it turns out the Habitat administrators are quite familiar with Tracy as she helped to start the Women’s Build program here in Guelph. This has and will continue to be a very gratifying experience for me. I would highly recommend this worthwhile cause for anyone searching for a Karri hour idea.

Thanks to Pete, Tracy and Lexi for starting this moving website.

It all adds up

I have been thinking for a while about what I should write about Karrihour, and then I was told by a very admirable man that “The little things add up and make huge differences for the betterment of our world. The movement is Karrihour, but the intent is good things done for others- without a time limit.”

I hold doors open for people, say thank you more often and I am genuinely more considerate of friends and strangers around me. Those kinds of things I don’t really even need to think about doing anymore, I just do them.

For instance today, a student in one of my hardest classes sent out a mass e-mail stating that he didn’t have proper notes from previous classes and that he would really appreciate if someone could send him better notes for the 30% midterm tomorrow. Without hesitation I sent him all the notes I had because I know what it feels like being in a situation like that. I didn’t ask myself questions about if he had actually skipped all the classes, or if he made up any excuse to get he notes, I just gave them to him. All it was, was a quick click of a button and it was done, it literally took about 10 seconds out of my day but it probably made his day a lot nicer. He replied back saying that if I ever needed a favour from him he would be happy to help. I told him that all he needed to do was look up Karrihour for me 🙂

Rachel Sadura

From Allison Van Fleet

My Karri hour story is one that will always remind me of Karri. This is for all the animals lovers out there. I know Karri specifically from home, but I am currently in school at Brock in St. Catharines. For the past couple of days now there has been this stray cat hanging around our porch. I couldnt help to let him in, name him and feed him. I could tell that he was injured and all he wanted was a little bit of love. I let him out every night and he comes back every day. This cat reminds me of the night me and Karri walked home together from downtown Guelph, and a cat came out of no where and started following us home. Karri literally started running away from it and yelled at me not to pet it. I never laughed so hard seeing Karri this big, handsome young man running away from an innocent cat. Every time i see this cat I can’t help but smile because I see Karri, and I know that this cat has a peice of Karri in him. Although  I had to eventutally take the cat to the humane society after a few days since one of my roommates is extremely allergic and I wanted him to have a loving home to go to, I was happy that cat picked my doorstep to show up on to allow me to share this with you. I also donated food to the humane society in honour of Karri Hour. I tell everyone of Karri’s huge impact he had on my life as well as so many others, and this movement as well. I cannot wait to recieve my Karri hour necklace in the mail and wear it everyday, and when people ask me what it stands for i will be proud to explain the amazing movement Karri Hour is.

There isn’t one day that goes by that I dont think about you Karri, and can not to meet with you again some day to finish our talk we were having recently! xo

Help from our Dad

I have been struggling to do this but finally something came together today that made me want to post.

The very week after Karri left us, my dad, a widower of 3+ years, ended up hospitalized and we were all very worried. My emotions were horrible as reeling from the Oksanan news. Very long story short, as we got him sorted out medically, but he made a decision (at 89) that it was time to leave their home and move to a retirement environment. He now lives at the Royal Henley in St Catharine’s which is a top notch facility. My brothers and I now have the daunting task of emptying their home of over 30+ years and this is where my story starts.

Dad did not want us to sell anything but to charitably give it away. I contacted a group called “Bethlehem Place” which is an organization that he has contributed to financially for some time. It is a women’s’ shelter is St Catharine’s to which he wanted to donate further. This is the email I received today after several email back and forth trying to find a recipient for some of the household furnishings.

“Susan: We spoke last week regarding donations that you have from moving your father. We actually have a single mother who is currently pregnant and has a 3 year old son who is moving into Bethlehem Place for December 15th, we are desperately trying to have her apartment ready for possibly November 1-15th as she will be homeless by the end of Oct. This family will be moving into Bethlehem with nothing but the clothing on their backs and a bed for her son. This family would benefit greatly from a lot the items you identified as still having available”

There is my story. We are paying for the transport of the goods and I go to bed tonight feeling really good. And I feel that way because Karri made me realize how special doing something good really is. I have always been a do gooder but this one is for Karri

Pete, Tracey and Lexi Love you lots,

Sue McKellar

Tara (part une)

I agree with most about, “putting up good deeds seeming a bit like looking for a pat on the back”, however, why shouldn’t more positivity be thrown out there? With all the sad stories, negative energy and missed opportunities out there, it seems apropos to begin a new trend. A happy one. There are so many more bigger and better things to come……we can grab hold and make em happen even sooner.  These so called “little” or “small” gestures are nothing of the sort. They’re putting smiles on people’s faces, brightening someone’s otherwise dreary day, proving that good faith exists, and basically, hopefully, helping someone out in any way you see fit…..makes us feel good too in the process. Seems like a perfect fit.  So, I was waiting to pay for my groceries last night on my way home from work, listening to two men behind me, also both foreign, chatting in Italian about their days. When it came time to pay, I decided, this
is a good time. I asked the girl at the check-out to include their stuff on my bill. It wasn’t much mind you, but I thought, “perhaps, the money could be used from these groceries, for something else they might need later tonight”. They pleaded to let them pay, telling me they work, and I told them, I knew that, it was just something nice to do. They asked me again in the parking lot why I had done it, and I just said, “my family lost someone very dear to us recently, and this is our way of moving forward”. Karri’s memory stays alive whether we do good deeds or not. I do believe that that more you give, the more you have.

Love you Kar

Tara version 2.0

Ok, so I have submitted my stories, but I have one now about a Karri-Hour moment that was done TO ME.  I came down to my car the other morning, on my way to work as usual. It was raining, and I realized out of my rearview mirror that the wiper on the back window wasn’t touching the glass, so I got out to put it in place. Now, you have to know that it’d been broken forever. I had actually ripped the rubber piece that removes the water right off a long time ago. When I got back there to put it back, I realized the whole thing had been replaced. It was a whole new wiper, blade and all. Weird I thought. Perfect though, seeing as it was wet out.  I couldn’t figure out who had done it. It wasn’t Simo. I stopped to ask my neighbour if he’d done it, and he had not either. So, my windshield wiping fairy is out there somewhere. Not sure why you did it. Don’t need to know really. Just thankful that you did. Greatfully, and seeing more clearly now thanks to you.