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The Karri Hour Necklace

Coming soon – Show your dedication to Kari Hour and support a good cause in the process. The Karri Hour Necklace is a circle charm on a sterling silver chain. These keepsakes are hand crafted and stamped by Sarah Taylor Designs in Vancouver, profits of the sales will be donated to charity in Karri’s name. This will be a limited release, so please keep in touch with this page (see the sidebar) to learn how you can order yours.

Karri through Dad’s eyes

My name is Peter Oksanen and I am Karri’s father.
I am going to pretend to be Karri here and tell a typical day in the life of Karri and how his Karri Hours would help us and make us feel good. The difference is that I am bragging for him Because he would NEVER brag about himself. He was low key about his goodness and so this Karri-Hour posting is to simply tell good stories about what you have done. Its never bragging when you post- It’s honoring Karri and extending his legacy of goodness.

Hi, my name is Karri Oksanen and when I wake up In the morning, I never ask for anything special for breakfast because I dont want to put anybody out or make a fuss over me. I will grab a granola bar and be done with it.

As the day goes on, I might get a call from my grandpa asking whether I can do a garbage dump run or move a piece of furniture or go plant some trees for the hospital and I will always go right over because i would get to spend some time with my Grandpa George and spending time with family is number one for me. Although we keep the same brand of cheese and bread in our house, I like to invite myself and my sister Lexi over to my Grandma Marlenes for Grilled Cheese sandwiches because we love spending some time with her. [Read more…]

From Kari McLeod

Traditionally, both my niece’s boys, Josh and Kayden, spend their summer with our family, just as their mommy did when she was little. We live in the country with a big yard, two dogs, two cats, a pond full of fish, a nice cool pool and a neighbourhood filled with children their ages. This is a much better place than a daycare for the hot summer months, and a lot cheaper for their hard working parents. And though their mom misses them terribly, it comforts her to know that they are having the same opportunities she had, and has often said that she wouldn’t rob them of the sweet memories she still carries with her. Country living is quite different than their usual city suburban life, and they enjoy every day. However, even with all the kids their age, they still prefer to hang out with their big cousin Mike, especially since Michael is very busy with his studies and work and doesn’t get to spend as much time with them as they’d all like. [Read more…]

From Aunt Cher

One of my favorite things to do with Karri was take him out for lunch. He would call me up and say “hey aunt Cher, feel like going for
lunch?” I would cancel any other plans immediately to accommodate his request. Sometimes it was just us and sometimes he would bring a
friend. He always knew I would treat him and be happy to treat whoever else came with us. I plan to take the time to sit down for lunch with
his amazing group of friends one or two at a time. I will cherish these hours just as I cherished every hour I spent with my beautiful

Cheryl Rickers

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